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Compliance of Public Notice No.F.3-26/NCTC/ERC/Reg./2017/55267 Dated: 07/12/2017 of NCTE, ERC.

Our Activities

Chandannagar Compu-Tech Academy P.T.T.I receives its origin a non-profitable NGO namely HARE from which is a social welfare organisation running with the aims and objectives of peace, unity and allround development of society. Proposed future projects of HARE are mentioned below:

To organize seminar and awareness building camp on different aspects for social well being of the poor people.

To establish Book Bank for the poor children.

To provide examination support and organize health checkup camp in the remote villages.

To organise Condensed Course / Bridge Course Programe for the drop-out children and mainstream them.

To build awareness of the poor people on the low cost housing.

To organise Mass Marriage Ceremony of different communities.

To organise student coaching camp for ensuring quality education of the poor Children.